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New freshman Chuck told Pete he was a little nervous,but he was eager to jerk off for us. Chuck has a nice tight body, and beautiful eyes. He used to play baseball, so I felt confident once he got his bat in his hand, he`d hit a home run! Chuck hinted that he`d tried something with guys in his past, but didn`t reveal too much. I love a mystery! He first had sex at 13 when he had a steady girlfriend. He laughed and said he`s not sure he could call it sex the first time, but he says he came, so we`ll count that. Chuck`s favorite thing is oral, but he loves doggy-style as well. He`s also had anal with a girl. Chuck jacks off at least once a day, and says when he`s bored, he grabs some porn and whacks off. He likes to think about his past experiences when he stroking. Chuck strips off his shirt to show off his defined body. He has a great upper body, but loves leg workouts at the gym. It shows, he has some incredible legs! Pete had a surprise for Chuck -- he`s going to have Zeb suck Chuck off. Zeb leans down and takes Chuck`s cock in his hand, then his mouth. Chuck leans his head back as Zeb blows him. Chuck`s cock gets rock-hard in Zeb`s mouth. Zeb bobs up and down on the thick head of Chuck`s cock. He slaps Chuck`s dick against his tongue and then swallows his cock again. Zeb licks the tip of Chuck`s dick, stroking his hard cock as he does. Chuck moans that he`s about to cum. He shoots his load into Zeb`s mouth, who swallows it and then sucks the rest of it out of Chuck`s cock. Chuck says Zeb was better than a lot of girls. Now that Chuck`s gotten to second base, I`d love to see him hit a home run with one of our guys!